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Boundary Pegs

Code: LTP




boundary pegs   SURPEG

Manufactured from machine gauged pine to create a smooth to handle product.

75 x 45 x 500mm

Ground treated after pointing and chamfering then painted white. Can be supplied unpainted if required.


SURPEGTM Polypropylene Boundary Mark Peg

50 x 50 x 500mm

All pegs contain metal enclosed within the head for location by a metal detector. The words 'Boundary Mark' are engraved into the top of the peg to confirm it is an official mark.

Boxing Pegs

Code: BP40, BP60


Engineering Pegs

Code: EP250, EP250P, EP500, EP500P

Boxing Pegs   Engineering Pegs

Builders and contractors save valuable time by using our easy to drive boxing and marker pegs.

Available in 400mm & 600mm lengths.
Custom sizes available.


45mm x 45mm Engineering Pegs
250mm & 500mm Standard lengths

Pencil point for added ease of driving

Pegs are available unpainted or with White tops

Marker stakes

Code: MS12, MS10, MS9, MS8, MS7


H4 Rough sawn Electric Fence Standard/Tree Stake

Code: H4EFGS

Marker stakes   Rough sawn Electric Fence Standard/Garden Stake

Markers stakes made from timber (50 x 25) with two dressed faces making writing with markers clear and easy.

Choose from our standard range of lengths or specify a custom length.

Stakes are supplied unpainted or with White tops.

Lengths available: .7m .8m .9m 1.0m 1.2m
Other sizes available


Ground treated, sturdy pointed mini posts, great tree stakes or attach insulators for electric fence standards. 50 x 45 x 1150

Peg Bar

Code: PB7& PB10


Boundary Mark Spikes

Code: BMS

Peg Bar   Boubdary Mark Spikes

Heavy duty, high quality peg bars. Shaft has been countersunk into the head, then welded.

2 sizes available:
● 7.0kg - 1.0mtr long
● 10.0kg - 1.150mtr long


Galvanised Boundary marker, 205mm long with “Boundary Mark” engraved on head.

Galvanised Survey Spikes

Code: GS


Survey Mark Box


Galvanised Survey Spikes   Survey Mark Box

Dome head 150mm x 10mm Survey Spikes.
Galvanised for durability. Stamped with 'SURVEY'


These boxes are available in Heavy Duty and Light Duty. Made of Cast Iron.

Manhole Lifters

Code: MHL Range


Road Nails

Code: ARN

Manhole lifters   Road Nails

Heavy duty man hole lifts, range of options, in size and finish.


Gnarled shank nails, with a flat head and centralizing dimple 1/4” x 2 1/2"

Galvanised Nails

Code: GN


Concrete Fasteners

Code: CF

Road Nails   Concrete Fasteners

Flat Head Galvanised Nail - 50mm x 5.3mm
Will fit our Boundary Disc for fixing to posts or timber.


Fasteners for fixing boundary discs to concrete or masonry. Stainless steel pin.

Stainless Nails

Code: SN


Boundary Discs

Code: BD

Stainless Nails   Boundary Discs

Stainless Steel angular groove, rose head nails for fixing boundary discs to posts and timber.


Aluminium boundary discs, we supply nails and fasteners to suit.

Brass Plaques:


Steel Rods

Code: 1235, 1250, 1650

Brass Plaques   Steel Rods

Land information NZ boundary mark brass plaques, genuine brass long lasting and high quality.

95mm diameter, pin length 70mm


Steel rods in 3 standard sizes:
● 12mm x 350mm
● 12mm x 500mm
● 16mm x 500mm

Galvanised Tubes

Code: 15GT, 20GT

Galvanised Tubes  

Choice of 15mm or 20mm Galvanised pipe.
Length 500mm


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